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When Sheikh Kamal saw Erin from across the ballroom he knew he must have her - and he always gets what he wants.

But Erin isn't like the other girls he knows, even for an American, she is a feisty, strong and stubbornly independent. A challenge to him. Yet he can't keep his eyes off her, she was stunning beautiful.

When Erin first saw Sheikh Kamal she had no idea he was royalty and leader of Jahawara, one of the largest (and wealthiest) countries in the Middle East. She just saw him as an irresistible handsome, tall, with deep brown eyes.

He was perfect - apart from his personality. 

He was so arrogant, controlling, masculine and dominating.  Everything she told herself she NEVER wanted in a man. Yet, she feels such a strong pulls towards him, even his scent is intoxicating..

They sneak away from the ball and go back to Erin's apartment where they share an intense night of love making. In the morning Kamal is called urgently back to his country.

As the weeks go by, and the gifts from Kamal pile up, Erin makes a shocking discovery. She is carrying the heir to a kingdom..
Title:The Sheikh's Pregnant Bride | ePub | Kindle books
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